Frequent Asked Questions

Do I need a car?

Yes, at VillaPhuket, is better to rent a car or a scooter for your daily activities so you can be independent visiting the island. The most astonishing beaches of Phuket are distant few kilometers from the Villa: Laguna, Bang Tao, Surin, Layan are less than 5 minutes by car. Also the shops in Cherngtalay are at only 2 kilometers from home. If you want to rent a car (automatic or manual gear) or a scooter (Yamaha or Honda 125/185 cc), our house manager can find the best rates for you and arrange it before your arrival.

Are there food shops near the Villa?

Yes. There are several local food stalls, a weekly food markets (taalad), and in Cherngtalay at 2 kilometers from VillaPhuket, there is a Tesco Lotus, a huge supermarket with all kind of food, fresh and cooked: from sushi to pasta. Nearby there is a new Villa Market, with all kind of imported food, and a couple of Seven Eleven (open 24 hours). For bread and pastries there are little boulangerie at the entrance of Laguna and also a good wine and spirit shop.

What about restaurants?

You will be spoiled for choice. All these kind of information are in our exclusive 'VillaPhuket Guest Guide' where you can also find the restaurants recommended by Grazia and Raffaele and a complete list of the nearby ones. For the super lazy clients, VillaPhuket has special agreement with 'friendly' restaurants offering a free pick up service: you only need to call and a car with driver will come to pick you up. They can also provide a food catering service. Are there other houses nearby?

VillaPhuket is inside Sujika Gardens compound, a group of villas sharing common services like management, gardening and security service 24 hours per day. Your privacy is assured as there is nobody in the house neighboring but in the meantime you are not isolated in case of necessity..

How far is Patong?

The famous Patong beach is reachable from VillaPhuket in 30/35 minutes depending on which road you'll take: or the scenic coastal route or the fastest internal ByPass. We are on the same coast, the West, but we are at the North and Patong is in the South.

Is the house cleaning included in the rate?

Yes. The rate includes the daily cleaning of the house. Khun See, our house maid, is in house 6 days a week from 9:00 to 17:00. If you need the timing could be changed at your desire. The gardener will be in house twice a week in the afternoon and the pool maintenance service the same day in the morning hours.

Bed linen and towels are also included?

Of course, linen and towels are included in the price, as the set of natural shower/bath gels of Lemongrass House, at frangipani and lemongrass fragrance. To enjoy your holiday in VillaPhuket you have just have to worry about having fun.

How equipped is the kitchen?

The kitchen is fully equipped, like the one at your home: from mocha to toaster. The same goes for pots and pans (set for 8 people). You have the washing machine but no dishwasher: for that Khun see can do it. Can we have a chef for special events?

Of course, we are able to provide chefs/cooks to prepare a lunch or dinner. If you wish, you can experience an interesting approach to the local cuisine going to buy food for the evening dinner directly from the fishermen and the local market, and then helping to cook it. Khun See is able to let you taste Thai home cooking, very spicy.

And for breakfast?

Khun See is great for this. Having cared for Italian clients, British, Germans and Australians she gained a great experience that allows her to easily switch from mocha to scrambled eggs. You can decide whether you do the shopping or to get it done by See the morning before coming home.

Is the house equipped for small children?

At VillaPhuket children of all ages are welcome and the house (especially the pool) is suitable for junior guests. If needed, we can provide an extra bed (for the child in the room) and, where appropriate, cot and high chair.

How many people can sleep in VillaPhuket?

VillaPhuket can accommodate up to 7 adults in 3 bedrooms. In the case of larger groups, we can offer you an apartment in the same compound with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (4/5 persons), or in front of the Villas (2/3 bedrooms) with swimming pool too.

How do we get from the airport?

Getting to the airport from VillaPhuket is quick and easy. By taxi the cost is very low and the trip does not exceed 20 minutes. If you want we can arrange it so you will find one of our drivers waiting out the arrival area with a nice board of VillaPhuket.

Can be arranged taxi transfers?

Definitely. The brochure that you will find on your arrival to VillaPhuket has some phone number of taxi drivers who routinely work with us and with our customers. In general, finding a taxi in Phuket is very easy: you should bring with you a map showing the exact location of the Villa. Few know exactly where is it and they need an address.

And in case of tours and excursions, how can we do?

If you like, in the staff and friends of VillaPhuket, Khun Patty is the expert of tours and excursions. Currently she runs a travel agency in Patong and will be happy to help (contacts are in the brochure of the house). Most tours do a pick up at home, so you will not have to travel in the island with time panic. They'll pick you and take you back.

It is well-located for those who love scuba diving and diving?

Phuket and Phang Nga Bay are a paradise for lovers of diving. Just up to the north there are the Similan, the coveted goal for many divers. To organize scuba diving excursions there are no problems: our House Manager will be happy to help. In the nearby Boat Avenue there is a good PADI agency run by Germans.

And for those who play golf?

Even easier. VillaPhuket is 3 miles from one of the most beautiful golf courses in Thailand, the Laguna Country Club. In a 15 minute drive, however, you reach the Blue Canyon, probably the 36 holes most famous of all Asia. For more information please see our exclusive "VillaPhuket Guest Guide".

What clothing is recommended to bring? Easy. Very easy, and comfortable. Phuket, and in Thailand, there are no problems of etiquette for touristic activities (except for places of worship of which we speak later). It's hot and people dress accordingly. Attention to the shopping center where the air conditioning goes crazy. Moreover, shopping here is a national obsession and the prices are very convenient (and I'm not referring to the counterfait labels), so normally you arrive with empty suitcases and you leave with extra luggage.

There are issues with baggage in domestic flights?

Yes. Internal flights in Thailand (very convenient and easy to book online) are low cost airlines and therefore have weight restrictions for checked baggage, even if you come from Europe. Make sure you upgrade luggage. At the most you will pay the excess kg (not a great expense).

There are direct international flights to Phuket?

Yes Phuket International Airport is a destination of many flights from Asia and Europe.

And from Bangkok which is the flight schedule?

There is plenty of choice. The flight takes one hour and ten minutes.

How to drive a car in Thailand?

Thai law requires an International Driving Permit to foreigners. In practice, however, never is requested by the car/scooter renters. Please note that if there is a problem, it would be better to have the International Permit to avoid some aggravation at the level of fines and insurance. The only real difficulty of driving in Thailand, for those not familiar, is the LHD, as in the UK for instance.

And how is to call home?

Easy and inexpensive. Forget the high cost of roaming. In VillaPhuket we provide Thai local prepaid card (True), the same you get at airport. You can use it for the duration of your stay by paying a pittance to phone in Europe or USA.

And the Internet?

VillaPhuket has Wifi! Wherever you are in the room or pool, you can connect to the internet freely.

Are required or recommended vaccinations to come to Thailand?

No, there is no requirement that health concerns Thailand. In Phuket there is no malaria or yellow fever or cholera. The only advice is to avoid drinking tap water and buy the mineral one. However, consult your doctor and the Office of Hygiene authority.

And what about visas regulations?

For stays of less than a month no tourist visa is required for most countries but only the return flight ticket. If you would like to extend your holiday, you can always apply for a visa at the Immigration Office in Phuket.

Credit cards are accepted?

Yes, almost everywhere. Not VillaPhuket though.

How do you change the Euroor US Dollar in Baht?

In addition to banks, you will find easily small Phuket Money Change (exchange offices), reliable and with good rates. Alternatively, the ATM system is widespread.

What time zone Thailand applies? Thailand is GMT +7.

And the language, English is widespread?

Yes In Phuket, many speak English. Being a tourist spot is obvious. Then that the English spoken by the local match the one spoken by you ... this is another story; they call it Broken English. But there are absolutely no problems. The people here are very kind, and bending over to help strangers. The language barrier disappears immediately.

There are rules of conduct to be followed? Yes Pay close attention: the Thai are very nice and understanding with us, but as ignorance, we could easily offend. As you read in the guides, the head is the elective part of the body and should never be touched, even caressed (easy to do with children). Consequently, the feet are the lowest part and should never be used to touch things, point to or at. Speaking of feet, remember that even in homes, temples and even in many stores, you enter barefoot. This rule, convenient and hygienic, also applies to VillaPhuket.

If you intend to visit the temples remember to follow the rules of clothing: For women no bare arms or legs, for men no bermuda shorts. Women are forbidden to touch the monks and have to down in stature if they approach them. Always avoid corporal contact. You should have noticed that Thais greet you, joining their hands in front of the face and not shaking yours. It is the rule and try to follow it. For a man, then, is very inconvenient to touch a woman, and effusions in public are not welcome, but tolerated. And last but not least, the Royal family is beloved by the Thai and nobody will ever talk bad. Not only: each portrait is deemed 'sacred' including the King ones on bank notes.

And for security?

In Phuket there aren't particular problems of safety for tourists and foreigners. Certainly if you look for problem, you'll find them.

And at home?

Much less. VillaPhuket is inside a compound with 24 hour security. For your safety there there are 2 safes where you can keep money, airline tickets and passports.

Can I smoke?

VillaPhuket is smoke free zones, but customers are allowed (if you really have to) to smoke in open areas, namely in the pool and gazebo. Please do not smoke indoors.